Your not the only one


I often find comfort knowing I am not the only one going home at 8am or trying to stay awake at 3am. I can think of so many other professions that require someone on the job 24/7 –
– Hospital Workers
– Miners
– Police officers
– Firemen/women
– Paramedics
– Truck drivers
– Train drivers
– Airport workers
– Carers
– Hospitality workers
– After hours helplines
– Brothels
– Call centres
– Security staff
– Mums and Dads

We are a special bunch, willing to work any hour 24/7 at any given or shall I say rostered time – bound to crappy sometimes good rosters and often leaving our loved ones so the world keeps on spinning.

Think about our truck drivers who are on the roads 24/7 to make sure we have food, petrol and many other products to survive. Truck drivers are often given a bad name which is a shame because if it weren’t for them I wouldn’t have food, clothing, furniture, appliances, bedding or be able to give presents to my loved ones. What bloody legends!


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