Eating habits when the Ol night shift rolls around

IMG_E1104 2

Where do I begin to start – I have learnt a lot from doing way to many night shifts. This post will explain how I eat on night shifts.

The first night shift is always the hardest as you are generally awake for 24 hours by the time you get home, ew. Sometimes my body has kicked into overdrive and is simply used to being awake making it difficult to sleep after work but sometimes I’m out like a light.

Before my nights begin I always prep lunches and dinners for my partner and food for myself. I don’t like to say breakfast, lunch or dinner when I am on nights because it just isn’t when the clock strikes midnight and 3:00am. I like to just call it food, it’s simple and nourishing.

Below is my eating routine on night shift mode –
6:00pm I’m at home – I have my normal dinner as does everyone else (some call this breakfast but I prefer to keep the generic meal name the same).

Midnight – This is my 20 minute break – I will drink a protein smoothie with some nuts or fruit or if i’m starving I will scoff my big meal. Depends how busy work is really.

3:00am – This is my 45 minute to and hour break – I will eat my big meal or my protein smoothie – My big meal is always something with protein and carbohydrates I also add a cup of tea (rooibos or green tea) and fruit and nuts and sometimes a small chocolate because I obvs deserve a treat doing night shift.

8:30am when I get home – I drink a cup of tea and Vegemite on toast or another smoothie.

When I wake up I don’t have “breakfast” I have wake up laze around for a little eat a snack of fruit/crackers or a smoothie before having my normal dinner like everyone else.

Some people at work don’t eat ANYTHING on night shift – they say its bad for the body. Sure our bodies are designed to sleep at night not work therefore it will put stress onto digestion however we must also remember once work is over we sleep all day leaving room for what 1 meal before work? This is not sufficient our bodies must be nourished not starved so please EAT people even if it is 1-2 smoothies and soup.


I know how hard it is to say no to the crap other people bring to work on a night shift – I am guilty of bringing this crap in once upon a time. If there is a culture at your work to bring in food on a night shift then be that change and make the effort to bring in good food! Whatever you do please try not to bring in bags of chips, store bought cakes or biscuits its full of nasty ingredients.

Some healthy fast food easy examples are –
– Carrot sticks and a yummy dip
– Cut up fruit platter
– Popcorn
– Sweet potato brownie (trust me this is the bomb dot com) – comment on my Instagram if you want the recipe
– Oat and chocolate chip cookies

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