Na Na Na Na Naa



I used to think the best time to eat a banana was when it is bright yellow!


WRONG! The best time to eat bananas is when they are nice and spotty, this means it is perfectly ripe. I always wondered why bananas never sat well in my stomach – I soon understood why!


Bananas are green then yellow then spotty. A green banana has, barely any antioxidants, barely any sugar and very high resistant starch which practically means not digestible. The high resistant starch will make you bloated and fart… a lot.


A spotty banana has SO many benefits and help fight cancer! As the banana slowly ripens from green to yellow then spotty it is slowly turning that high resistant starch into a simple sugar which is digestible. During this process of ripening more and more antioxidants are formed and the banana will begin to secrete a substance called tumor necrosis factor – this substance fights abnormal cells in the body during digestion!


Each week when I do the grocery shopping I buy about 6-10 yellow bananas (they never come ripe) and I let them chill in the fruit bowl for a week. When grocery shopping comes around the following week I buy more bananas for the bowl to ripen and put the ripe bananas into an air tight container and throw them in the freezer for smoothies. Then repeat.

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