The Night Shift Bag aka Bag Of Goodies To Keep Me Fresh As A Daisy


I started to bring a little night shift pouch with me to work because at times I had felt untidy or just gross – working in a hospital can easily do this to you especially being awake for so long.

I found keeping these simple items in a pouch enabled me to freshen up whenever I felt the need too. I used to only pack it for night shifts however now I just keep it in my work backpack all the time just in case.

On a night shift I like to clean my teeth if I am feeling extra sleepy and before shift handover, it makes me feel some what normal again.
If my shift has been particularly stressful I tend to get the cold sweats and feel clammy so on a break I give my underarms a freshen up with the baby wipes then reapply deodorant – TA-DA fresh as a daisy!
I can confidently say I have never been that person who ‘smelt bad’ I just like to make myself feel fresh and normal if the day has been seriously hectic with adrenaline constantly pumping. Also don’t get me wrong sometimes I don’t even have time for it and my break will be scoffing as much food into my gob as possible hoping the arrest button DOES NOT alarm while scoffing said food into gob while trying to have a break. 

Here is what I find super nifty in my little pouch

– Baby wipes
– My aesop travel kit – I’ve seen nurses get vomited on before so this is for if I ever need to shower at work 
– Deodorant
– Ponstan
– Sanitary items ‘TOMS’ organic have no nasty chemicals 
– Lip balm – ALWAYS
– Toothbrush and toothpaste
– Weleda ‘skin food’ – this stuff is LEGIT, I use it for so many things such as the dry patches I randomly get on my eyelids and anywhere else. Hospitals seriously dry my skin out (and soul jks haha) even my eyes are sensitive to the damn air con :O

I also love to use Waleda ‘skin food’ to make my eyes look dewy – I dab a little around my entire eye – BOOM

Anywho this ain’t no beauty blog!

If I have a long set of nights I also pack my travel pillow (ya know the aeroplane wrap around your neck ones) + a heat pack to help me sleep if I feel like having a nap on my break – works a treat!

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