Get ya booty movin





Getting fit is probably a high priority on many minds and so it should be. Our body should be treated damn well because right now it is allowing us to live a pretty good life.

Doing this shift work gig DOES absolutely make working out a little more difficult HOWEVER if you are disciplined, motivated and determined it is a lot easier. Don’t get me wrong there are days when I absolutely dread going to the gym before work because I am just downright exhausted but most of the time Im ready!

I do not go to the gym every day I go when I am able to around work! I only allow work to get in the way of my exercise cos…. as shift workers we work some seriously ridiculous hours.

It is so important to recognise the hours we do each week and the stress it can put on our mind and body. If you start to really listen to your body you will recognise the different types of tired. When I am really tired I am still able to push myself to the gym however when I am just exhausted I listen to my body and just rest – no gym before work or on a day off. I truly believe as nurses it is SO DAMN important to be mentally and physically strong. As nurses we do some heavy tasks at work not to mention dealing with unstable people in difficult situations. 

I can tell you right now if I am ever in a situation where I am at risk from an unstable patient I want to be strong enough to get out of that situation.
Working in Emergency taught me to always watch my back and be strong!
If my patient is intubated and wakes up the first thing they do is try and pull out the ETT – you gotta be strong to hold their hands down while reaching over to the pump to bolus some sedation in order to keep them stable and safe. 
Being strong mentally and physically is so important for so many reasons I mean come on starting the day after a massive sweat session makes you feel so damn good and strong!

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Below is a random example of shifts and how I would fit the gym into my schedule – 

Monday – AM SHIFT 
0700 hrs – 1600 hrs
– Gym before work for 1 hour
I will have my gym bag packed, lunch ready in the fridge and protein smoothie ready for after the gym before starting work


Tuesday – AM SHIFT 
0700 hrs – 1600 hrs 
– Gym before work for 1 hour


Wednesday – PM SHIFT
1300 hrs – 2130 hrs 
– No gym today


Thursday – AM SHIFT 
0700 hrs – 1600 hrs 
– Gym before work for 1 hour


Friday – DAY OFF 
– Depends how tired I am
– If I feel like it I will go to gym at some point during the day around catching up with house work, food prepping etc.
If I am tired I won’t go to the gym because I know I have 2 night shifts ahead of me on the weekend.


Saturday – NIGHT SHIFT
2130 hrs – 0730 hrs  
– No gym today


Sunday –  NIGHT SHIFT 
2130 hrs – 0730 hrs 
– No gym today



  • I purchased a gym bag that I pack each night before I go to gym and leave at front door ready to go 
    My gym bag contains the following 
    – Work uniform
    – Underpants, bra and socks 
    – Towel
    – Thongs for gym shower
    – Toiletries bag – soap, deodorant, moisturiser & makeup 
  • Work bag left at the front door ready to go 
  • Pack my work food bag the night before so I just grab it out of the fridge in the morning and put into my work bag 
  •  Make a protein smoothie the night before ready to grab it out of the fridge in the morning for after the gym – I drink this while I walk to work 
LEFT: Gym bag                RIGHT: Work Bag


This might look a little crazy but once you are set up its super easy to maintain!
What are you waiting for? Get organised so you can get ya booty movin! 

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