Food Shopping

Some hate it, some love it. I feel like I love it when my roster is crazy (weird) and I hate it when my roster is easy. When my roster is crazy I am very organised and have every meal planned including snacks and dessert (DUH!). I find this the best way to stay cool, calm and collected while I get through the roster. 

If my meals are organised and house is clean I can function normally. So before crazy roster begins I ensure all of the above is in order!
I have just come home from a week and a bit in Tasmania and I begin 4 night shifts next week (serious ew). My mind says PREPARE!

In this trolley I have purchased enough food for the rest of this week (3-4 days + nights). I have planned all our breakfasts, lunches and dinners. 
I have screenshot what my weekly meal planner and shopping list looks like. I use the notes app on my phone. 

As you can see above I have planned meals for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday dinners and also 5 sets of lunches + snacks! I am currently on leave but I have given an example of what some shifts I would typically be rostered on for and what meals I would plan for those days. 
This note is permanently in my notes app and each week I chop and change according to my schedule. When I am out grocery shopping I use this and tick each item off as I collect it. I don’t always list everything, I create a rough guide. 
Lets say Wednesday I’m on a late shift so I plan and prep something that can be left in the fridge and easily reheated for my guy at home and myself at work which is the chicken thigh dish. I would prep this the day before or before my shift starts that same day. 
On Thursday I have a day off so I like to make something from scratch that can be eaten straight away – No tupperware kinda meal.
Friday is a morning shift so I need something that is easy to throw together after a long day which is the salmon dish.

TIP: Get your loved ones to help you by asking them to peel the sweet potato before you get home to make your job a little easier!

Lunches need to be filling and able to be left in the fridge pre made. This week it’s chicken burrito bowl thingos. Make enough to last and store them in the fridge ready to take out and add to lunch bags with snacks of course! 

Alright so my grocery trolley, it’s obviously forever changing however the next photo is what is on that list above (+/- some items). The pineapple and kale has been chopped up and frozen for smoothies. The nanas are no where near ripe so they are hanging out on the kitchen counter to naturally ripen over the week before being frozen for smoothies. 

Grocery Trolley

Below I have apples, oranges, blueberries and strawberries for snacks. My guy likes the strawberries added onto his yogurt bowls that he pre makes for work. 
Next to the snacks are all the foods for awesome smoothies! 

Ok, so the next set of photos is the tomato sauce I buy. Many will notice it is American YUP I know, I don’t normally buy out of Australia HOWEVER there are some products I do buy based on the ingredient list!

These canned black beans are also from overseas but check out the ingredients! Minimal!

These canned tomatoes are a brand I have recently found and I’m pretty happy with the ingredient list!

When buying canned foods ALWAYS look at the ingredient list, sodium and sugar levels. This will tell you if its any good or not. Always opt for less is more when in doubt!


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