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My name is Jami,

I am Registered Nurse practising in an Intensive Care Unit in Sydney, Australia.

I grew up on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, had a great childhood and education. I grew up in a family where if you want something you work hard for it. I left home at 19 or 20 and managed to keep working and paying Sydney rent while completing a University degree – I like to think that was a great achievement considering I did it on my own with minimal help by my parents. Of course my parents helped every now and then BUT only when I asked. I met my guy a few years into my University degree we ditched the share accomodation and got a place for ourselves and haven’t looked back since. Now 5 years on we’ve got big plans for the future – super duper exciting times!

I self taught myself a little about nutrition but wanted to know more so I enrolled myself into a nutrition and dietetics course before University to gain more knowledge. I grew up in a house where meat and 3 veg was the norm so my mind was blown! When I completed the nutrition course my mind just expanded and this was the start of my nutrition journey. I then became a Registered Nurse and began to work full time shift work, this was a big change to my lifestyle and I really began to feel the effects of working crazy hours. I would constantly see bad habits, hospital staff chuffing away on cigarettes and skulling coca cola – I wanted to be the change that was obviously needed.

My passion has always been critical care nursing because of a few situations I have been in. I love challenging my brain when faced with emergencies and generally caring for people in a life or death situation. The adrenaline rush is crazy, scary and fun!

I have had this idea for a while to create a space to write down what I have learnt to about staying strong, healthy and organised while working a rotating 24/7 roster and to then share my knowledge and help other shift workers. Education is key.

Stay tuned and join the conversation